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  • An injured worker is entitled to Workers' Compensation benefits regardless of issues of fault.
  • All Workers' Compensation benefits are paid by the employer's Workers' Compensation
  • No lawsuit is filed against the employer.
  • Cannot exceed 20% of the award by statute.
  • In most cases the 20% is split with the employee only paying 8%.
  • No attorney fee if no recovery is made.
  • Attorney fee is deducted from the award at the end of the case. No upfront Fees.

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Simply fill out and submit the form. One of our Personal Injury Attorney serving New Jersey will call you to discuss your Corkers' Compensation case. If you or a loved one has a potential worker compensation case, you could be entitled to compensation. Protect your rights and don't settle before you get legal counsel.

You need professional advice as soon as possible. If you don't act quickly your rights may be lost! The law limits how long you have to file a claim. To connect with a New Jersey Worker Compensation Attorney today, please submit your contact information now and get a Free Consultation.

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